Summer vacations announced in Masaabeeh school system from 27th may till 7th august.
Student can get help for their summer tasks from their respective teacher on monday and tuesday of every week after 10th july between 8am and 10am in al-beruni campus.
Admissions are open in Masaabeeh vocational center for sewing and embroidery courses.
Qualified teachers are required to fill the vacancies in junior, middle and secondary section of Masaabeeh school

Our Projects

Masaabeeh School

Masaabeeh Foundation took a start by opening up an educational institution, Masaabeeh School System, with an aim to provide quality education in rural areas. The first project was established in Lawa, Distt. Chakwal in 2012.

Medical Assistance (Ambulance service)

(On-hold for the time being)

Purpose Built Building

Purpose Built Building

Qarz-e-Hasna for higher education

Future Projects

  • Foreign language teaching centre for external students: 2018-19
  • Higher secondary school (Science and Arts) : 2018-19
  • Technical training center (including grooming and certification of self learners)  2018-19
  • Indoor Physical fitness centers and play grounds: 2018-19
  • IT and e-Learning centre: 2017-18
  • Upgraded model school (O,A-Levels) 2019-20
  • Health program: 2017-18